Thursday, 19 January 2017

Digital Signal Processing

Course Code: ECE 300 ||  Course Title: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
Discrete time signals and systems
Basic sequences and sequence operations :
Basic discrete time elementary signals,
Periodic and non periodic signals.  Operations on dependent (amplitude) and independent (time) variable of discrete time signals, Classification of signals  , laplace transform
Discrete time systems :
Properties of discrete time systems-linearity, time invariance, causality memory and stability.
LTI Systems:
Impulse response representation, Convolution and properties of LTI system
Sampling :
Introduction to FS, Sampling and reconstruction, aliasing and discrete frequency.     
      Analog to digital                                                                               EXAMPLE PROBLEMS                                                                                   
Fourier Transforms
Fourier transforms :
Discrete Fourier Series,  Discrete Fourier Transform and properties, impulse response, frequency response. fourier1 || fourier2
Constant coefficient difference equation representation of LTI systems. Transform domain  domain representation of LTI systems, transfer function of a system
Discrete Fourier Transform
 Properties, Circular Convolution, linear convolution.

Digital filter design techniques
Filter specifications, Analog Filters-  Butterworth filters  Cheyshev filter concepts  and their Frequency Responses, their derivation
IIR filter design using impulse invariance and bilinear transformation, frequency transformations.
FIR Filter design :
Linear phase, design using windows (rectangular, hamming and hanning)
Filters Structures :
Direct form-I and Direct Form-II. Transpose form


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