Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Attendance Management System - DOWNLOAD LINK


Working and Detailed Explanation of Attendance Management System
1) have to created 5 tables
User table   for login username and Password
Student_table for storing the details of students ,have to register
Teacher_table for storing the teacher details
Subject_table subject details
Attendance_table stores the student attendance for a particular subject and calculate attendance percentage.

2)we used RDBMS in relating student-table,Subject_table,Attendance_table
To calculate students attendance percentage and his/her status. We used joints to connect these.

login page:

By entrying correct details , it will login to home page

Home page: 
Home page contains all redirected links.

Users table with the values
And inserting new values into the table

Inserting the values into users table

Successfully inserted the values into users_table

Student_table containing 6 students details .
We are linking front-end with php and back-end with MYSQl

Here we are entering the student details
By clicking register button, the values are inserted into Student_table

Here we can see in the screenshot of inserting student details in front-end part and these details were stored in the Student_table.
NEW column is inserted into the student_table.


Teacher is registering

New Column in teachers table is inserted.


Registering for new subject

New column is inserted into subject_table after clicking register button.


We have calculated the percentage of students attendance
Using joints we have displayed this Screenshot.

for example here jagadeesh is having attendance shortage.

Attendance is taken here.
We have to click present/ absent  then save

Inserting the student attendance in the Attendance_table

Calculated and updated students attendance
Here jagadeesh attendance have increased after attending few  classes.


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